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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Au Revoir


So. The Time has come. It is very unfortunate, though. I've actually been hovering about over this idea for quite some time now.  Finally, I have come to a decision.

I have to bid farewell to you, Blogger.

I thank you for being my companion during this short period of 5 months. You were like a friend to me. When I was bored, I would open you and scribble my thoughts. It gave me satisfaction. You still are a friend. But, I have found one more friendly than you. Wordpress.

The reason that made me come this decision is you yourself, Blogger. Wordpress is so much more friendly, exciting, fun, interesting and easy to work with. Please don't say "You too, Karthik?" when you come to know this. I know you are heart-broken by all the people that have migrated from you. And you should know, I'm never going to delete the posts here.

I hope you will one day improve and reach up to the standards of today. I will certainly visit and who knows, I might continue here! I really hope you rise. I will post something now and then. See, I can never forget you.

And for all you readers out there who want to visit me at my hibernating place, go here.

And as I said, I will come back. If you satisfy me, I will quit hibernation. I hope that happens.

Blogger,                                                                                                            What can I say, terrible timing, but hope this finds you. My absolute privilege to have known you - I'm not the first to say so and I sure won't be the last. I'll keep in touch.                                                                           Karthik
And those of you who want to join my flock at our migratory place, go here.

Once more, I'll see you again. Don't forget me.

Au Revoir

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review : Murder On The Orient Express

So, I read a book. The first book in 2012. And I'm glad it's of Agatha Christie. Well, basically this book is an awwwwwwwwwesome book. Like all of Christie's, it has a superb build-up. Though I daresay that the suspense was not not so good. This has been the second time in a row that I have read a Christie book with a bad suspense. The other one was 'At Bertram's Hotel' (I might have said that the suspense is awesome, but that was probably a mistake). In both of the stories, the suspense is basically the same. This one is Hercule Poirot but the other is Miss Marple. I want to say what the suspense is, because it's not much of a suspense, but that won't be good.

Anyway, it is a thoroughly exciting book and the way Poirot comes to the solution is just ..... I have no words. It's just so brilliant! And the thing that the suspense is not good is just my opinion, maybe you'll like it. So, anyway, you should read if you are a crime fan!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

From "Just For Fun" to "For The Long Run"

Hi. I'm very happy. I've finished all my holiday homework and I have like 10 hours till I go back to the routine I once followed, I mean which I followed till a couple of weeks back (duh, the vacation!). Anyway, you might be asking , "Why this title?". Well, that's the point I'm going to make.

The base of this is my rapping life. What I had just done during a free period at school, when an idea came into my mind, has now left me yearning to become a master at it. You know it : Raps! To quote from Inception,
What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? ....... An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood. That sticks, right in there somewhere. 
That's what happened to me. An idea caught hold of my mind and now I can't let it go. Though, it's not bad. Not at all! I love it! I mean, I was able to find an interest. You see, now I want to go further.

It all started in a Sanskrit period. The teacher gave us free time. Then, after some time of chattering with my friends, an idea suddenly came. It was to make a rap of my Maths teacher (no offence, ma'am). My classmates had made parodies about her, so I knew what to write (no offence again). I had listened to some raps, like John Cena's, Eminem's, etc. So, I had a basic idea about what to do. The rap I did in class needed some (a lot) editing. I sat down on a Sunday and typed it onto my laptop, making the necessary changes while doing so. Then, I thought I'd publish it somewhere. I thought,"Hey, I have a blog, why can't I put it there?", and then i did. Then came the inspiration to do a second one. I did that more easily and published it too. 

Then I wanted to do a third. This time I thought I would do one about myself. The way my friends mock me. I did that. And that one was the biggest. After that, it became quiet for a while...

Now, I'm feeling the desire to do a fourth one! I want to make improvements. So, I surfed the net. And I found some useful points to help me. I am going to create another one soon. Though, mine are not actually completely raps. A rap's supposed to be a song (kinda), right? Well, I thought I'd just settle with the lyrics. I don't have the necessary tools for rapping; singing along with a beat on the mic, etc etc. When I feel that I've reached the time to do so, I will. Till then, it's just verses. 

Now, I also want to become sort of gangstery. I don't know from where I got the influence for that (maybe the Heel John Cena), but I just want to do what I want to do. 

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how powerful an idea is. It can change your view. It can alter your routes. It will sometimes take you on highways, or sometimes country roads. But, if you like the idea, just keep on going with it. 

He He. Just using whatever 'raw materials'. I wonder what i'll be when I grow up!

Oh! And one more thing. This might be the last time I can post freely for about three months. And the latter two of the three I might not even be able to post! Anyway, I hope you liked the idea of 'Idea'. 

Saying goodbye.


'Happy New Year' And 'Welcome, Busy-ness!'

Happy New Year everyone!!! :) . So, a year has passed. A whole year! 365 days! 8765.81277 hours! 525948.766 minutes! 31556926 seconds! I can't believe it! Can you believe it? A year filled with happiness, sadness, anger, craziness, laughs, cries, adventures, tiredness, sleep, subconsciousness and busy-ness. I had a wonderful year in 2011. I had happiness, sadness, anger, craziness, laughs (a whole lot!), cries (just the silly ones), adventures, tiredness, sleep (should I even mention it?), subconsciousness and busyness! I hope you also enjoyed the year that has gone by. And I hope you  have an equally fun year ahead!

My vacations are nearing the finish line. I had hoped to make the best out of it, but I couldn't. It is one of the most boring vacations I had. Anyway, the past is past, and I have to move on.

 Move on to the next year. 2012. The year that holds many secrets yet to be revealed. One of them might be about the end of the world. Will the world end in 2012? That is a question that many scientists ponder over. Yet, they don't know. I'm saying 'they don't know' because the same thing has occurred many times in the past. They said that the world would end in a(I don't know precisely which year) year,but it didn't and then after a few years, they made the same statement again. Yet, I'm no God, so what I say might be false, too. Maybe the world will end this year. This is a very big problem. I've told you already what the  problem is( read Destination Limited Euphoria). If there was some way we could know what would happen to the earth this year, we could make the right decisions. Like: If the world will end, then we can choose to live our life to the fullest. If it won't, then we continue with the same old busy-ness.  Oh, how I wish for Professor Sybill Trelawney to be sitting next to me!

Anyway, we say that the year 2011 is over. We should move on. Focus on the present; focus on 2012. I'm sure a lot of people say that. But, it might not be so easy. Sometimes, we become hostages. Hostages of nostalgia. Everyone has their own share of nostalgia. Even though we try to focus on the present, at least a little time will be spent by being nostalgic. We can't help it. It's not anyone's fault.  It comes on its own. It is just a yearning for the past. Nostalgia often happens in an idealized form. And it's not wrong to be nostalgic. One should have a small amount of space in the brain for something else other than the present. And again, that's just my opinion. I'm not forcing you to be nostalgic. You can do whatever you want, hey it's your life!

And, moving on. 'Welcome, Busy-ness'. I've already said in previous posts that this year is going to be a busy one. Hey, that doesn't mean that it will be boring! In fact, I think I will actually love this year! I don't know if it will be more or less exciting than 2011, but as I said, I'm going to love it! 

Busy-ness also includes school! I actually think that that is the main busy-ness. But, it's life. And, cliche-ing, we manyway more busy-nesses. I don't know if I can jam all that into one year, even with the extra day! I mean, the busy-ness I'm talking about, I don't think I can jam some into one day. 

Let's hope for the best and continue our daily routine (I don't know about you guys, but I just create a routine on the spot). My school reopens tomorrow (it's 2:12AM here!). Yesterday, I slept at 5 AM. I don't want to do that. I want a good sleep at least on the previous day of reopening (I'm not sure, judging by the time). 

I've signed up for four reading challenges. I hope I have success in them. Let me go to my  nostalgia provider (duh, 'Bed Sweet Bed')  and have some practice! 

Once again, I hope you all have a joyous year. And make the best possible(we don't know if the world will end, so do 50% fun and 50% work) out of 2012. I wish you success in all of your deeds, whether mischievous or good. Wish me luck in my blogging!

Everyone, let's rejoice, it's two thousand and twelve
We might have to daydream or we might have to dwelve!
We might go back to the moments that we miss
Whatever happens, just make sure you have bliss!


Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reading Challenge : Read Your Name 2012

Hi. This is another challenge. Man, will I be busy next year! Anyway, I'll love it! I'm going to be using my real name: Karthik. I think I'm going to love this!

Interested in signing up? Click HERE 

Reading Challenge : A-Z Book Challenge 2012

Hi, yet another challenge. This one's going to be a tough one! A-Z! Anyway, no matter if I win or lose. So, I'm accepting this challenge. And, I'm going to go with option B. It's going to be fun, I tell you. So here's the list:

X- Murder On The Orient Express - Agatha Christie

Reading Challenge : 100+ Books In A Year 2012

Hi! So, I'm taking part in another reading challenge! This I'm sure I can reach! As I said in the previous post, I've never competed in a reading challenge before, so I don't know anything. Anyway, the next year (tomorrow onwards) is going to be exciting!